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   When growing up fast is the only option, TattedUpBroc  takes a negative and turns it into a positive. Tattedupbroc - also known by his nickname "Broc" definitely has the respect, love and support of his neighborhood.

The solo rap artist was born and raised in one of the most dangerous housing projects in New Jersey, amidst harsh conditions. He faced the childhood trauma of losing close friends and seeing family members getting engulfed by drugs and crime.

Growing up he got into his fair share of trouble with the law. Eventually realizing from older guys in the neighborhood that drug selling only leads to a dead end, he decided to give music a try while still choosing to make some illegal money, but only to help support his music career.


Tattedupbroc begin to write raps but never put the lyrics to a beat to make an actual song in the early stages. Looking back at his lifestyle, unlike a few rappers in the music industry who rap about the streets, Tattedupbroc has real project housing stories to tell. By delivering several doses of reality, he is now considered to be one of the most talented rap artists in the game.

Soon after, the death of both his grandmothers, a close friend and two cousins sent him
into a very dark place. Finding himself back in the streets, pushing music aside, he was involved in a terrible car crash that almost ended deadly. In the car with three others who was highly intoxicated doing a
speed of almost 110mph, The car struck a pole flipping over landing on the side. Escaping death was definitely an eye-opener for the future rap star.

Giving rap another try, he then begin to write raps again but not for himself just yet. Going to different studios he was eventually introduced to a well-known record label executive. Not wanting to be in the spotlight he was fortunate enough to receive an offer to write songs for a few big name
artist. Once he realized that he was actually a better rapper than the famous artist he had written for he quickly changed his mind and got
into the booth to record. Tattedupbroc
decided to be his own boss and created his own independent company called "Unlimited Net Worth Entertainment" which includes a record label and film company to release all his projects. As a solo artist, he recorded and released his first single "trap house tatt" in 2019. He came on the scene with a rugged cadence and cold lyrics, turning himself into a local hero.


Towards the end of 2019, Tattedupbroc locked himself in the studio and recorded his first EP "crackheads made me rich vol.1". The EP became an instant hit blasting
from every street corner and booming out of every car riding by. Not happy with just local fame, Tattedupbroc knew he had to come with the right single to make him known globally. 


In mid-2020 with the TV show TMZ being a
show watched by many viewers, he decided that the next single off his EP would be what other than "TMZ". The song was a perfect choice because the downloads on website Spinrilla were climbing daily due to
the song. Knowing he had to shoot a visual for the song, he did just that and the video ended up on the biggest urban website Worldstarhiphop. Being on Worldstar gave Tattedupbroc the national exposure he was looking for.

Not stopping at music the multi-talented artist wanted to give acting a chance which is something he has been wanting to do since a child. Having a boss mentality the very driven artist decided to film then release his own independent film titled "The Plug is a Girl" in mid-2018. With him having the leading role, TattedUpBroc made a brilliant executive decision to hire the Instagram sensation Fatboy SSE to co-star. The film was originally released for sale on Vimeo before hitting youtube. Directed, executive produced and starring in the film, Tattedupbroc gave an explosive performance so it was only right to release "the plug is a girl" song as the first single off the soundtrack which quickly collected tons of streams on all streaming platforms.

 At the end of 2020. almost January, always strategically
thinking, Tattedupbroc wanted to beat other artists to the punch by already have a new single going into the new year of 2021 so he released his new single "better than a wraith". With this video, he wanted to bring a new look to his visuals so he decided to collaborate with director Dolo Filmz. He also reached to the hilarious Instagram
comedian Jacob Berger who is well known for his funny skits and a couple of t.v. shows he has appeared on. The song was a straight hit catching the attention of NJ Hot97 radio stations. DJ Wallah who quickly begin to play the song in all the clubs throughout NY & NJ.
Another DJ who decided to give it a chance was DJ P-Dub who passed the song off to the famous DJ Sussone who even gave the record spins on radio station 105.1 along with Sirius satellite radio.

The rapper/actor is currently working on his new EP scheduled to drop soon. With a huge smile that's shows off his one dimple Tattedupbroc says "this is not a job this is fun", so everyone better brace themselves for what he has in store next.


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